Computing in Magahi

The Magahi language (Devanagari: मगही; also known as Magadhi, मगधी) is a language spoken in India.It is derived from Magadhi Prakrit which are similar to Bhojpuari and Maithali. It is believed that it is the common language of Magadha kingdom and famous from the Buddha religion.It uses both the Kaithi and Devanagari script for communication.

It is spoken in eight districts in Bihar, three in Jharkhand, and has some speakers in Malda, West Bengal.About 18 millions people spoke this language.Magahi, was legally absorbed under the subordinate label of Hindi in the 1961 Census.It is widely used among common masses for exchange of information in verbal and printed form.We want to bring it in digital media so that we can reach to these masses.

Apart from all these things there is a need to come together to start Magahi computing and needs to do some work on it.Actually open source is the best platform to start these things.It feels proud to see and use with computer in our mother tongue.But it is possible by your little effort. You can help us by joining and contributing through your kar-seva in any many forms.So, come forward and support us.

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Team Magahi:

Chandan Kumar – Coordinator