Press Coverage of an event for Angika

This project aims at working for all those Indic languages that are having less technological support and resources so that their growth can be ensured on the new technology. It is difficult for the survival of those languages who all are digitally weak. We as a volunteer group will put efforts for all minority and ‘small’ languages and will try to make them digitally supported.

After enabling Maithili on all FOSS platform, we are working for Angika, a dying language. We are ashamed of the fact that in a democratic society how a language of people can die, how a language can be endangered. But it is a fact. We started working on Angika and organized two major conference and workshop on Angika.

mai-compLanguages are archive of our culture. So it is important for a language to have digitally strong presence to create space for our language for new generations. In reverse, it is a responsibility of new generation people to develop software and content in the language on new technological platform.

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